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 Jasmine Hysaj

I am coordinator of Shtime Learning Center. I have worked here since February 2009. Before coming to BSF, I worked for 8 years as a pre-school English teacher at the local pre-school called ‘Emin Duraku’. Since coming to BSF, I have gained a lot of new experiences. I try my best to give all the children attending the center the best experience possible so that they can achieve for themselves. I aim to help the children to succeed in school and also to build their individual self-confidence. Until now, there has been a lot of success and I hope the future will bring bigger and better successes.




 Imrane Shabani

I graduated from the Medical High School. I have worked at Shtime Learning Center since June, 2009. I used to work in the Women’s Literacy Program. Currently, I work as facilitator for the children’s program. I love to work with kids and always give my best every day so that they will be able to succeed in school. I have a lot of experiences now how to work with kids.





 Avdulla Shabani

I graduated from the Economic High School and have worked for Shtime Learning Center since it opened. I am very grateful for this opportunity and have learned a lot especially from the trainings. I know that it is very important to work with children and make them feel good.






  Muhamet Muhameti

I graduated from high school and now work as a tutor in the Shtime Learning Center. I have learned a lot working in the center, especially from the BSF trainings. I really enjoy working with kids and am proud that this is my job.







 Bedrie Jakupi

I work as a tutor in the Center. I used to work in the Women’s Literacy Program and now work with the children. It has been a wonderful experience working in the center.







  Emrah Asllani

I graduated from the Economics High School in Shtime. In my free time I enjoy playing music. I have worked in the Learning Center since May 2009. And since that time, I have had an incredible experience working with the kids and helping them to learn. I am glad that the children from my community are given the opportunity to have an education and success in school.






 Igballe Asllani

I am 16 years old and attending my second year of high school. My high school is the Economic High School and is called ‘Naim Frasheri’. I have worked at Shtime Learning Center since 2009. Working with the kids has been a very good experience. I have learned a lot of new things working in the center. This experience has also helped me a lot with my school work, because repeating lessons from school with the kids has helped me understand the material better. BSF trainings have also helped me, and all the youth working in the center, a lot. The youth from my community have gained a lot and made many new friends.




  Nazlije Ibrahimi

I am currently in 10th grade and my favorite activity is to watch tv, listen to music and watch movies. I have worked for BSF since 2009. First I worked as a tutor with the Women’s Literacy Program. I gained a wonderful experience working with the women from my community. I have since had great experiences working with kids and have learned a lot from BSF trainings.